Awarded for
fine culinary skill

39-year-old Edmond started working for chicken rice stalls when he was 16 years old. One of his previous job was to cook chicken rice in a halal food court and that’s where he became experienced in halal food and started his own business Edmond Chicken Rice in Tanglin Halt about 13 years ago.


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Believe it or not – this was my very first time trying the famous Edmond Chicken Rice 😮😝

He’s now located at Blk 48A Tanglin Halt Market (right at the corner) and still dishing out a pretty impressive spread. Besides the tasty Chicken Rice, I was super impressed with the veggies and the Wanton in the soup as well.. Cooked very well and delicious 🙌

I ordered the Chicken Rice Set ($5) but there’s so many other things I’d like to try next time including the Chicken Noodles and the Chicken Porridge!
Edmond Chicken is certified Halal and apparently also has another stall at Blk 11 Telok Blangah Crescent. Check them out in Facebook and head down to support soon OK!

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